Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser and Light 930-0036 Light Output: 650 lumens, 44% Off Plus Blazin' Deal w/ Free Shipping

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Product Info for Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser and Light The Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser and Light is a cutting-edge firearm accessory designed to enhance the accuracy and visibility of your weapon in low-light conditions. The key feature of the Viridian OPMOD Omega is its high-powered green laser. Green lasers are known for their increased visibility compared to traditional red lasers, making them ideal for use in daylight or well-lit environments. The green laser dot is typically more discernible to the human eye, and it can extend your effective aiming range. In addition to the green laser, these Gun Mounted Flashlights also include a white light illuminator. The white light provides essential illumination in low-light or dark situations, allowing you to identify targets and maintain situational awareness. A laser and a light in one unit make it a versatile tool for various shooting scenarios. OPMOD, which stands for "Optics, Mounts, and Accessories," is known for collaborating with leading manufacturers to create limited-edition, high-quality products. The Viridian OPMOD Omega is one such collaboration designed to meet the needs of both civilian and professional shooters. This laser and light combo is typically designed for easy attachment to Picatinny or Weaver-style accessory rails, commonly found on most modern firearms. This versatility in mounting options ensures compatibility with a wide range of firearms. The Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser and Light is an excellent addition to your firearm, providing enhanced accuracy and target identification in various shooting conditions. Before purchasing, it is advisable to review the most recent product specifications and customer reviews to ensure they meet your specific needs and expectations, as firearm accessories and technology continually evolve. OpticsPlanet is your Destination For Gear! You can also get 2% Bucks on most orders, so Shop Now! Specifications for Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser and Light: Manufacturer: OPMOD Light Output: 650 lumens Battery Type: Lithium Rechargeable Beam Color: Green Color: Black Finish: Anodized Fabric/Material: Rugged Allaluminum Attachment/Mount Type: Universal Features of Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser and Light 5mW Viridian Green laser output for the brightest laser possible 650 lumen max output and up to 60 minute run time Ambidextrous activation and multiple modes of operation and output, including strobe INSTANTON the fastest activation possible (with compatible holster) Internal rechargeable battery with magnetic recharge connection Flexible mounting system for the perfect pistol fit on todays most popular compact and subcompact railed pistols Rugged allaluminum construction with premium hard coat anodizing Package Contents: Viridian OPMOD Omega Green Laser and Light SafeCharge Power Bank
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