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Whether you're a proud owner of a Ruger® 10/22 or any 10/22 variant, our Essential Gear Pack is tailor-made to provide the upkeep and cleaning your firearm deserves. This comprehensive kit includes three indispensable tools to keep your gun in prime condition. Firstly, the revolutionary Bore Boss® tool simplifies cleaning with its ultracompact, self-storing design, allowing effortless bore maintenance with just one pull through. Next, the Ruger 10/22 Micro Tool™ offers a pocket-sized solution for on-the-go maintenance, featuring stainless steel construction, a key ring with strap, 5/32" hex wrench, disassembly flathead screwdriver, 1" ruler, bottle opener, rotating pin punch, and a convenient carabiner. Lastly, the Ruger 10/22 Field Guide™ provides invaluable knowledge in a compact, oil-resistant format. This mini-book, attached to a keychain, offers easy-to-follow graphics to guide you through cleaning, oiling, breakdown, and reassembly of your 10/22, making it an essential companion for any enthusiast. In essence, our kit introduces you to the joys of maintaining your favorite plinking gun. If you're a 10/22 owner, the Real Avid Ruger 10/22 takedown kit and more await you in this meticulously assembled collection.
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