WE Speedliner Flipper Shred Carbon Fiber Black CPM-20CV Blade WE22045B-2

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Shredded Carbon Fiber Handle Black Stonewashed CPM-20CV Blade Caged Ceramic Ball Bearing Pivot Assembly Milled Titanium Pocket Clip Designed by Tashi Bharucha Description: The WE Knives Speedliner Flipper, designed by the renowned knifemaker Tashi Bharucha, is a true blend of style and craftsmanship. Perfectly styled as a gentleman's carry, the Speedliner has a slightly Persian-inspired design with shredded carbon fiber handles over titanium liners. The CPM-20CV blade comes in a sleek black coating and has a tumbled finish that complements the smoky carbon fiber beautifully. You'll find it easy to open with a smooth flip, thanks to the integrated blade flipper and caged ball bearing pivot assembly. Milled bronze anodized titanium pocket clip for convenient right-hand tip-up carry. CPM-20CV: CPM-20CV (analog to Bohler M390 and CTS-204P) is a premium powder metallurgy (PM) stainless steel with high carbide content for some of the highest edge retention and corrosion resistance while being relatively easy to sharpen. A popular choice for high-end production and custom knives. Relatively high carbide volume and coarse microstructure gives this steel lower toughness.
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