WE Orpheus Nebula FatCarbon Titanium Hand Rubbed 20CV WE23009-4

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Limited Edition of 155 Pieces Gray Integral Titanium Handles w/Nebula FatCarbon Inlays Hand Rubbed CPM-20CV Clip Point Secure Titanium Frame Lock Fast Flipper Deployment Description: The We Knives Orpheus is a workhorse of a knife with plenty of flash to please the eye. A variety of inlays make the Orpheus standout, while a clip-point blade handles a wide range of cutting tasks. Milled integral titanium handles with great ergonomics keep the Orpheus secure in your hand. A fantastic showpiece for hard users, the Orpheus can handle it all with ease. CPM-20CV: CPM-20CV (analog to Bohler M390 and CTS-204P) is a premium powder metallurgy (PM) stainless steel with high carbide content for some of the highest edge retention and corrosion resistance while being relatively easy to sharpen. A popular choice for high-end production and custom knives. Relatively high carbide volume and coarse microstructure gives this steel lower toughness.
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