Steel Will Sedge Mini Black Stonewashed D2 Gray G10 Liner Lock Folding Knife F19M-20

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Slender and elongated to resemble the leaf from the plant of the same name, the Steel Will Sedge is sheer performance. Thin and fully flat ground the blade slices with ease and thanks to a taper to the point offers excellent piercing performance which continues to the contoured G10 handle. This Mini version comes with a 3.4 inch, Black Stonewashed D2 Tool Steel blade, Gray G10 and red anodized back spacer. Brand new, direct from Steel Will Knives. Blade: The D2 tool steel blade offers seriously efficient cutting with a slim, 3 mm thick blade equipped with a full height flat for an exceptional slicing performance. A sub-3.5 inch blade length makes this a more compact EDC choice and good for areas with blade length restriction. Tapering to a fine point, the leaf shaped blade pierces with ease and excels at fine work. Opening fast and smooth on a phosphor bronze washer pivot, the blade deploys via the ambidextrous oval hole. Jimping on the spine provides added traction for heavier cutting tasks. Equipped with a Black Stonewashed finish, the blade is discreetly non-reflective and hides wear from use over time, great for hard use. Handle: Clean, sweeping lines of the G10 handles give the knife a stylish look with an ergonomically contoured design for maximum comfort during extended use. A deep finger cutout allows access to the inset stainless steel liner lock which is simple, smooth and robust for secure lockup. A nearly full length, red anodized aluminum back spacer protects the blade when closed and end with and exposed section with a milled hole for lanyard attachment. Carries left or right-handed via included, tip-up stainless steel pocket clips. D2 Tool Steel: D2 is a cold work tool steel that has been used as a die cutting steel since WW II. D2 has a high chromium content for a tool steel (10-13%) which gives it greater corrosion resistance than most high carbon steels making it semi-stainless. D2 offers a good combination of toughness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance for a good all-around knife steel.
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