Spyderco Salt 2 Wharncliffe Flat Ground Plain LC200N Green FRN Folder C88FPWCGR2

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Based on the military tested and issued Pacific Salt 2, the Salt 2 is a smaller version built on the ergonomic Gen 4 Delica handles platform with Bi-Directional textured FRN and 4-position pocket clip. The Salt 2, continues Spyderco's program of Constant Quality Improvement or CQI, offering an even lighter weight and corrosion resistant linerless construction and Titanium Carbo-Nitride (TiCN) coated hardware and back lock bar. The newest iteration of the Salt 2 comes with a full flat grind, LC200N stainless steel Wharncliffe blade and Key Lime Green FRN handles. This version comes with a plain cutting edge. Brand new, direct from Spyderco Knives, Japan. Blade: Satin finished LC200N is all but impervious to corrosion, perfect for salt water or highly corrosive environments, while offering improved edge retention over H1. Wharncliffe profile blades have powerful slicing from heel to tip, scalpel-like precision and excellent piercing performance. The Salt 2 makes for a hard use, low maintenance folding knife in a more carry friendly platform than the Military issued Pacific. The plain edge slices clean while the 14 mm Round Hole provides easy, ambidextrous operation even in gloves while jimping on the thumb ramp provides added traction. Handle: Linerless Green FRN is durable, lightweight and extremely resistant to the elements. Ergonomic and comfortable, the Delica-style handle is equipped with high traction Bi-Directional texturing for a secure grip in any situation. Smooth and easy to operate the mid-back lock is strong and reliable. A hole at the pommel allows for lanyard attachment and construction is completed with non-reflective TiCN coated hardware. Carries via a 4-position, titanium hourglass pocket clip. LC200N: LC200N is a high nitrogen, alloyed tool steel produced using PESR (pressurized electro-slag remelting) technology delivering a pure alloy with fine micro-structure. This steel has been used in knives for some time and even longer by NASA for ball bearings. LC200N offers excellent corrosion resistance, toughness and ease of sharpening with edge retention better than other steels with comparable qualities. Maximum working hardness in 60-62HRC range. Also sold as Cronidur 30 or Z-FiNit (Zapp Fine Grain Nitrogen steel).
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