Kershaw Deschutes Skinner Stonewashed D2 Green Rubber Fixed Blade 1883

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Built with economy and performance at the fore, the Deschutes line from Kershaw offers first-class design and performance for hunting and skinning tasks. High traction rubber grips give comfort and traction in adverse conditions while the D2 tool steel blades provides enhanced cutting ability ideal for outdoor use. This Skinner has a purpose driven with a broad blade and generous grip. Brand new, direct from Kershaw Knives. Blade: A tall blade of stonewashed D2 tool steel comes in a drop point profile with plenty of belly and a full flat grind for excellent slicing. Jimping fore and aft on the spine pairs the generous choil to deliver optimal control while a swedge on the spine tapers the tip to a fine, piercing point well suited to detail work. Handle: Wrapping the tang of the blade the rubber handle comes with diamond texturing for solid traction and control even when wet. Scallops near the blade allow a comfortable grip for thumb pressure on the flat of the blade for precision work. A hole at the pommel allows for lanyard attachment for added safety. Carries via a polymer sheath with snap closure and reversible nylon drop loop. D2 Tool Steel: Used as a die cutting steel since WW II, D2 offers a good combination of hardness and wear resistance with moderate toughness and stain resistance. High chromium content for a tool steel (10-13%) gives D2 better corrosion resistance than most high carbon steels.
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