EasyPrep Meals & More Emergency Food Kit

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Quick Preparation | Stack-able Bucket | Convenient Pouch Proportions • Food storage made easy EasyPrep food storage is simple! Each bucket is prepackaged with food that you'll love. Just get one bucket to start getting prepared! • Versatility in a bucket The Meals & More Kit contains both instant entrees and food staples for you to cook with such as rice and oats. • Storage friendly With a shelf life of 25 years and packaged in a stack-able bucket, the EasyPrep line will fit within your preparation boundaries. • Always be ready Protected in a bucket and sealed in a pouch, if disaster comes you can rest assured that you will have a food supply ready to use. EasyPrep is the easy way to prepare. We all know that we need to put away a little something for an emergency. What better way to do that than with EasyPrep food storage buckets? The Meals & More bucket contains 9 different kinds of meals that provide you with the energy you'll need in an emergency or in the event of unemployment. All the meals are simply prepared by either adding hot water and stirring or adding water and simmering. Plus, they can store on your shelf up to 25 years! With the bucket's locking groove, you can fit your whole food storage supply in a smaller space too. Want some more options to go along with your Meals and More food supply? EasyPrep food supplies also come in freeze-dried fruit and vegetable variety buckets as well as a dessert bucket with freeze dried yogurt, brownie and chocolate chip cookie mixes - YUM! Then there is our Carb Craver kit which includes a variety of sides to boost calories even higher but in a cost effective way. Wash all the great tasting food down with the Milky Way kit that has instant milk and instant chocolate milk or go with the Beverage Buffet kit that has the two milk and fortified orange and fruit punch electrolyte drink mixes. Did you know that all of the kits within the EasyPrep line stack on top of each other for maximum storing convenience? These space saving rectangular buckets are 20% more space efficient versus the traditional round bucket. Because they are square they sit next to each other closely, allowing for the most efficient use of space possible. Something you will appreciate after using the bulky alternatives.
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