Boker Solingen Junior Scout Lightweight Damascus G10 Green Curly Birch Back Lock 118119DAM

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The Boker Solingen Junior Scout Lightweight is a compact, lightweight folding hunter that combines traditional design, elegance and functionality with modern manufacturing and materials to deliver a utilitarian design that is both functional and beautiful. A clip point blade is housed in lightweight G10 handles with handsome wood inlays and a rock solid back lock. This premium version comes with green curly birch inlays and a stainless Damasteel Damascus blade. Brand new, direct from Boker Knives, Solingen, Germany. Blade: Made from stunning Damasteel (Swedish 180 layer Damascus), the stainless steel blade has a beautifully sweeping clip point blade traditionally found on folding hunters. A generous nail nick on the blade makes for easy opening while the hollow grind and fine point allow the Junior Scout to slice and pierce with ease. Damasteel offers modern performance with added visual appeal. Handle: A classic folding Hunter-style handle is delivered with modern execution in linerless G10 handles inlaid with prominent green dyed curly birch. The inlays give a traditional "bolstered" look while making this iteration of the Scout exceptionally lightweight tipping the scales at under 2 ounces! A solid, stainless steel back lock is housed in the handle and is solid and smooth to operate. A large hole at the pommel allows for lanyard attachment. The front scale sports the Solingen "Tree Brand" shield. Does not include a pocket clip. Damasteel: A high hardness, high corrosion resistant steel that combines two martensitic stainless steels - RWL34 and PMC27 - in unique patterns that, when etched, create the designs seen on the blade. Damasteel delivers a blade that is very eye-catching and has performance in the realm of RWL34, similar to CPM154.
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