Boker Plus OTF Blackout Clip Point PVD 154CM Black Aluminum OTF Automatic 06EX263

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Made in the USA, the Boker Plus OTF is a stylish and budget friendly out-the-front automatic built for use. Streamlined and lightweight for everyday carry with a slim blade handles a variety of task with ease. This version comes with a black PVD coated 154CM clip point blade and matte black aluminum handle. Brand new, direct from Boker. Made by Hogue Knives. Blade: Delivered in a practical clip point profile the American 154CM stainless steel blade comes with a non-reflective black PVD coating for discreet use. The long, slender blade has a high saber grind for strength and slicing performance. Double action operation is fast and smooth via the top slide, press up to deploy and down to retract. Handle: Hard anodized 6061-T6 aluminum comes with geometric "maze" milling for traction and style with chamfered edges for comfort. Black stainless steel hardware completes the construction. Carries via a reversible stainless steel deep carry clip. Crucible 154CM: Originally developed as a stainless bearing steel, 154CM is an improved version of 440C with added molybdenum that offers improved resistance to pitting from corrosion and higher hardness for better edge retention. Similar to Hitachi ATS-34.
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