Boker Plus Lancer 42 Steel Stonewashed D2 Frame Lock Folder 01BO464

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A two-handed version of the popular Serge Panchenko designed Lancer, the Lancer 42 has a nail nick opening blade and sturdy frame lock construction. Compact and very flat the Lancer is a dream to carry while offering a robust construction with a reassuringly solid and rugged feel. This version comes with a stonewashed, stainless steel front scale with matching frame lock and D2 tool steel blade. Brand new, direct from Boker Knives. Blade: Functional and robust, the sub-3 inch spear point profile blade is made from D2 tool steel with a heavy, wear hiding acid stonewashed finish. Hollow ground for good slicing performance, the blade opens via a classic nail nick for two-hand operation. A subtle swedge at the tip enhances piercing performance while still retaining good durability. Handle: Rock solid and robust, the stainless steel frame lock offers smooth operation and reliable lockup forming a solid foundation for the Lancer. Dual barrel spacers create an easy to maintain, open back construction and support the matching acid stonewashed stainless steel front scale which lends a nice heft in the hand to this model. When folded the handle completely encapsulates the blade for clean carry. A hole at the pommel end allows for lanyard attachment. Carries via a right hand, tip-up only, stainless steel, pocket clip. D2 Tool Steel: D2 is a cold work tool steel that has been used as a die cutting steel since WW II. D2 has a high chromium content for a tool steel (10-13%) which gives it greater corrosion resistance than most high carbon steels making it semi-stainless. D2 offers a good combination of toughness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance for a good all around knife steel.
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